Kupfer & Sohn - Quality products and processing

Good quality management is the basis for being able to meet customers' wishes and standards in the long run.  We aim to achieve high customer satisfaction by providing ideal service, outstanding quality and fresh products every day.

Our quality management is based on planning, implementation, inspection and development.  The most important measures are:

  • Planning of the season in cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • Regular inspections of the production on site
  • Extensive communication with all parties – from producers through to customers
  • Well-structured choice and inspection of our producers and suppliers
  • Quality inspections along the whole supply chain
  • Inspections in the country of origin and in Germany regarding residues
  • Use of longstanding business contacts and development of business relationships based on trust
  • Joint projects with producers, suppliers and universities
  • Schooling and further training of our staff

We care about consumer protection and product safety. Regarding plant protection we do not only adhere to statutory provisions, but also to the stricter specifications of the German food retailing market.

If you have any questions about our quality management system, I will be glad to answer them:

Andreas Kreuzmair

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