Is that
still an avocado
or a
fast food?

Die Steigerung von Service ist Sensation

Is that
still an avocado
or a
fast food?

Die Steigerung von Service ist Sensation


We are a future-oriented, family-run company. In the course over 100 years of company history, we have developed from a fruit and vegetable trader to a supplier of fresh produce in almost all food product categories for trade and the food service industry.


We represent over a hundred names, some belong to the name Kupfer, others don’t. However, we all have a big heart for food – of the best quality and freshness

Those who know us, know: Not only are we a supplier of food, we are fresh food service providers with a passion. The partner for everyone who is looking for quality, variety and service at a fair price!

Many decades of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry have taught us that high-quality goods and excellent service alone are not enough to remain successful or enable trust to grow. It also requires the ability to anticipate future developments and the flexibility to adapt to them.

We support our suppliers and customers with commitment, creativity and innovation.

We are in close contact with producers and exporters and therefore have direct access to production – this is how we are able to ensure top quality and short transport routes.

Thanks to our expertise in logistics, our own fleet of vehicles and the strategic location of our two sites, we can also take on the distribution of our premium products.

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Großmarkt Luftaufnahme
Kupfer und Sohn Familie

Andreas und
Margarete Kupfer

In 1913, the Kupfer couple started trading in fruit and vegetables in Großenbuch (Upper Franconia). This is how they laid the foundation for a great success story. Two people who combined their passion and skills, but not only that: They also filled their children and employees with enthusiasmfor fresh food and top quality service. This is how Kupfer & Sohn has been able to continue to grow over the years and develop into what it is today: an international fresh food service provider.

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In 1913 Andreas and Margarete Kupfer started their fruit and vegetable business. In 1946 their sons Karl, Willi, Josef and Andreas ##joined the company and continued the business activities.

In the years that followed, the medium-sized family business continuously expanded. In 1969, in order to optimize fruit and vegetable imports from Greece, Andreas Kupfer & Sohn GmbH Munich (now Bergkirchen) was founded. 6 years later the two companies became limited companies.

In 1983, Andreas Kupfer & Sohn GmbH Nuremberg became a partner in Fruchtring Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG.

In 1988, the new construction of a storage and handling hall at the Nuremberg wholesale market took place. The breakthrough from being a regional wholesaler to an international service provider was finally achieved when the company became a shareholder in COBANA GmbH& Co KG.

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the start of further expansion in Germany and Eastern Europe

Today our family business is run by the third and fourth generation. Employing a category management system, we supply specialist retailers, organised food retailers, discount stores, the food service industry and system caterers. Throughout the entire seasonal calendar.

We are proud to look back on a company history of over one hundred years in which we have not only evolved to a full range supplier in the fresh produce sector –but also to a good employer with a strong team of specialists who are happy to give their best every day


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in short form

Founding of the company by Andreas and Margarete Kupfer in Großenbuch.

Reconstruction of the company after the 1st World War.

The sons Karl, Willi, Josef and Andreas join the company. Continuation of trading activities after the 2nd World War.

Founding of the Andreas Kupfer & Sohn Munich subsidiary in order to optimise the import of fruit and vegetables from Greece.

Transformation of the two companies into limited companies.

Joining Fruchtring Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG as a partner.

Joining Cobana Bananen Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG as a partner.

New construction of a fully air-conditioned handling hall with offices, cold storage rooms, facilities for banana ripening, packing station and rail connection at the Nuremberg wholesale market.

Commitment in the new federal states. Foundation Fruchthof Auerbach/Vogtland.

Extension of the handling hall (2ndconstruction phase).

Joining CF (Gastro) as a partner

Merger of Fruchthof Auerbach GmbH with Andreas Kupfer & Sohn GmbH Nuremberg.

Extension of the handling hall (3rdconstruction phase).      

Extension of the handling hall. Existing technical equipment was replaced by environmentally conscious/energy-saving devices. Installation of a photovoltaic system.

Participation in the Bavarian Environmental Pact since 2012.

Extension of the handling hall (5th construction phase)     

Move from Munich to Bergkirchen –Gada (new construction) of a fully air-conditioned handling hall with offices and cold storage rooms. Installation of a photovoltaic system.

New construction of a glycol brine refrigeration plant.

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»The company Kupfer & Sohn provides us with an outstanding service. Our contact persons are always on hand to give help and advice. Even short-notice orders are dealt with quickly and professionally. The goods delivered are always fresh and of the highest quality.«


Our two locations combine customer intimacy and central location in southern Germany

The two companies Andreas Kupfer & Sohn Nuremberg and Andreas Kupfer & Sohn Bergkirchen are legally and financially independent today. Nevertheless, they look back on a common history, they work together aspartners and pursue the common goal of convincing the customer on a daily basis by providing service, quality and freshness.

The sites of Kupfer & Sohn are located on the premises of the wholesale market in Nuremberg and in the newly developed industrialarea in Bergkirchen-Gada.


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Fruit of our earth

We trade with fresh food –mainly products that come directly from the fertile soil of our earth. The protection and preservation of this very planet is not only a matter of the heart for us, but it is also of essential economic importance. This applies to the entire industry

Sustainable corporate management at Kupfer & Sohn includes:

  • Support for regional producers
  • Open and flexible reaction to changes in the market
  • Keep the ball rolling, neverrest on your laurels
  • Constantly building on good ideas
  • Social togetherness

So far, we have implemented the following environmental protection measures:

  • Bavarian Environmental Pact: Kupfer & Sohn Nurembergsays “yes” to environmental protection and has therefore been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact since December 2012.
  • Low-emission fleet: We already meet the strict Euro 6 standard for all our trucks and thereby help reduce emissions.
  • Photovoltaic systems: We have already been producing electricity from solar power on our premises in Nuremberg since 2007 and therefore contribute to an annual saving of around 210,000 kg CO2. In 2012 we also installed a modern photovoltaic system in Bergkirchen. This allows us to contribute to an annual saving of a further 120,000 kg CO2.
  • A further milestone in the field of environmental protection was the construction of a new glycol brine refrigeration plantin 2019. As a result, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions at our Nuremberg site by 85%.
  • Waste prevention and recycling: By using reusable packaging, we avoid waste in the supply chain. It goes without saying that all waste that we produce is properly separated andpassed on to the recycling cycle.

Regionality is important to us

We are firmly rooted in the regionand trade, as far as possible, with fresh products from Bavarian or Franconian growers. This allows us to supportlocal producers and make sure that transport distances are kept short..

At the same time, direct access to the production chainenables us to supply our customers with regional products of the highest possible freshness. This is admittedly still somewhat difficult with pineapples and bananas. However, for local fruit and vegetables as well as meat, dairy and delicatessen products, regional producers are always our first choice.

Naturally, we also attach great importance to compliance with minimum social standards, not only within our own company premises, but also along the entire supply chain. We have integrated the requirements of the BSCI Code of Conduct into our company guidelines and urge every supply partner to implement these standards and comply with them.

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