Kupfer & Sohn – Almost 100 years of professional competence

The core of our business is made up of procurement, consulting, banana ripening, packaging and distribution in full range.  We are known for our competence in working with discounters, organised retailers (food retailing), specialist retailers, wholesalers and gastronomy.

Decades of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector have shown us that high-quality goods and excellent service alone are not sufficient to generate trust. It's much rather necessary to be able anticipate future developments and to react accordingly.  We rely on dedication, creativity and innovative spirit to inspire maximal customer and supplier loyalty. 

As a one-stop supplier of fresh foods, we provide fruit, vegetables, convenience products, dairy products and delicacies daily.  Our service is tailored to fit the needs of individual customers; this is one of our greatest strengths.

Kupfer & Sohn is the ideal partner for everyone looking for service, great quality and fresh products at reasonable prices. 

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