Is it
still a tomato
or has it turned into a

Die Steigerung von Frische ist Faszination

Is it
still a tomato
or has it turned into a

Die Steigerung von Frische ist Faszination

Range / services

Fruit & vegetables

It all started with fruit and vegetables at Kupfer & Sohn. This is why we can offer maximum variety and freshness, especially in this product range –with up to 1000 articles inboth conventional and organic.

We enjoy a close partnership with producers, importers and producers, both regionally (in Franconia and Bavaria), in Europe or around the world –and we run our own banana ripening facility.


Whether it is a pound of fresh chard from Franconia, table grapes from the gardens of the world or a ton of fresh dates from Israel –our employees are experts in their field and procure fruit, vegetables and herbs in any quantity from all corners of the earth.

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Dairy products

As a full-line supplier in the fresh food sector, Kupfer & Sohn naturally also supplies the entire portfolio of dairy products. Here we cooperate with regional producers and international dairy specialists

 From mountain farm milk to sour cream and buffalo burrata, we offer the whole range of fresh and long-life dairy products in a variety of package sizes.

Our employees will be happy to assist you and will find the right product for your needs!

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Meat and chicken

In the assortment of meat, chicken and sausage products, we have established a large network over the past few years and can now offer our customers a wide variety of regional and international products.

Porkand free-range poultry from the Altmühltal, tender beef from Uruguay, salami specialties from Puglia, or Bavarian veal sausages from the Bauch butchery based in Munich – our meat experts demonstrate, every day, their excellence in the field of food tasting.

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Fresh and ready foods

Do you need pre-cooked and peeled potatoes, washed salad mixes, ready-rolled dumplings or evenly, accurately diced peppers?

Fresh products ready for cooking are an enormous advantage, especially for bulk consumers. This is the only way they can guarantee consistent quality with considerably less work involved.

We cooperate with several regional processing companies and provide our customers with a wide selection of pre-produced fresh foods.

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Fine food

Whether it is fine spreads and antipasti for brunch buffets, ready-to-serve delicatessen salads or dressings for large events, or fresh pasta with delicate fillings for the menu of the day in the restaurant – we supply fresh delicatessen of the highest quality to your palate’s taste.

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»Our core business consists of procurement, consultancy and distribution as well as detailed logistics and road haulage for third-party orders. We sell from a stand for restaurants, wholesalers and specialist retailers at the Nuremberg wholesalemarket as well we run our own banana ripening facility.«

Von Kennern
Für Könner

Your benefits

Competence without

  • Many years of experience in company catering / CARE / HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café).
  • round team competence in the food service industry
  • Owner-managedcompany with business relations based on partnership
  • Environmentally sustainable and socially committed corporate management

Quality, variety and
freshness. And you can rely on it.

  • Products of the highest freshness and consistently high quality all year round
  • Diverse and constantly growing assortment in the ultra-fresh range
  • Regionality also for meat, chicken and dairy products
  • High product safety as a result of strict quality management and the “Higher Level” IFS certificate

Best prices. Best specials.
Best informed.

  • Fair pricing
  • Weekly market reports for the customer
  • Monthly freshness flyer with seasonal offers


  • Creation of tailor-made solutions and concepts
  • Competent advice by permanent contact persons, both in-house and externally
  • 24h availability – personally, by phone or by e-mail
  • Flexibility of delivery to suit holiday planning

»We have been a customer for many years and are very happy with the fast and friendly service. The freshness and quality of the products we ordered really impressed us.«


Many roads lead to Rome, but only one to our customers:
the direct way!

Our logistics experts
They make sure that we can continue to guaranteeefficient route planning while maintaining the greatest flexibility for our customers. Thanks to the prudence of our logistics team, we are even able to respond individually to customer wishes when it comes to delivery and, if necessary, organize same-daysubsequent delivery. Within a delivery radius of 300 km around Nuremberg or Bergkirchen, we have an eye on everything. Each lorry is monitored via GPS. You want to know the precise time of arrival of our driver? All it takes is a short phone call.


Our vehicles
Kupfer & Sohn’s own fleet is made up of 35 lorries. All of them are state-of-the-art (emission standard Euro 6), fitted with modern refrigeration units and capable of freezing to -29 degrees. They are equipped with an ATP class FRC, certified to transport perishable food products. This guarantees the supply to food retailers and the food service industry without interrupting the cold chain. Moreover, a multi-chamber system in the lorry bodies provides the optimum temperature of the respective food to comply with all requirements during transport


Our drivers
Our competent and friendly drivers of course, perfectly round off an already punctual and complete delivery service. All drivers are properly trained and qualified: They are proficient in the correct handling of their articulated lorry and also have the necessary feel and understanding for the precious freight they are transporting.

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  • An efficient quality management system is the basis for meeting our customers’ demands for fresh food and a fast delivery service in the long term. The decisive measures for this include planning, implementation, control and further development:

    • Seasonal planning with customers and suppliers
    • Regular on-site checks in production
    • Intensive communication with all parties involved – from producer to customer
    • Structured selection and checking of our producers and suppliers
    • Quality checks along the entire supply chain
    • Residue management by means of inspections in the country of origin and in Germany
    • Utilization of long-standing contacts and establishing trustworthy cooperations
    • Joint projects with producers, suppliers and universities
    • Training and continuous further development of our employees

    Consumer protection and product safety are very important to us. Since the current legal requirements do not go far enough for us when it comes to the crop protection, we follow the considerably stricter specifications of the German food retail trade.

    Our promises regarding quality are not just empty words.Every year we face the strictest official quality standards anew:

    >> IFS Certificate
    Kupfer und Sohn has been IFS-certified since 2011. This makes us one ofthe pioneers in the fruit and vegetable trade, a company already committed to high quality standards in the early years of the International Featured Standard. The continuous annual certification ensures that our long-standing employees are intimately familiar with the strict regulations. We live and breathethis concept of quality.

    >> GQB (Tested Quality Bavaria) Certificate
    We are firmly committed to promoting regionality and would like to demonstrate this with our representative “Tested Quality Bavaria” certification. True to the motto “Youget what it says on the tin”, our customers can be certain that products carrying the protected label of the GQB (“Tested Quality Bavaria”) really do come directly from Bavaria

    >> Organic Certificate

     This way, we not only help our farmers in our immediate area, but we also avoid unnecessary emissions and do our share for climate protection.

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